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Court Ordered

Anger Management, Parenting and/or Domestic Violence Help is Available  

For a phone consultation and instructions, court ordered students should to have their court paperwork available at time of enrollment. If the paperwork is unavailable, be sure to tell management at time of applying.

Court ordered anger management students need to be aware that this is anger management or parenting classes, and not Batterers program classes. If you take our classes by mistake we cannot be responsible for whether the court will accept your certificate of completion, so be aware of what the court is requiring of you.

The process for court ordered students is simple: you have been convicted by the court of an offense. The court feels that you need anger management or parenting classes. They instruct the number of sessions you are required to complete, and how long you have to complete them. You register for class and complete the sessions by the time required. We then issue a certificate of completion for you to take to court. At times, the court may ask for you to show progress reports. We are more than happy to issue progress reports at no additional cost to you.

Sometimes people take anger management classes before they appear in court to answer to an offense. The reason people do this is to show the court that they take responsibility for what they have done, and in some cases the court takes leniency on these individuals. Please keep in mind that this is at the Courts' discretion. We in no way advise anyone to do this or not to do this. Please review your options with legal counsel.

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