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• Prepare Materials in Advance. If you are interested in taking notes, please get pen & paper prior to class time.

•Dress the Part! Please be fully and appropriately clothed as if you were appearing to class in person. Please remove hoodies, hats and beanies.

•Close the Door for Privacy. Please try to select a private place where true participation and involvement can be accomplished and respected.

•Absolutely No One Else is to be in the Men's and Women's DV Classes. We have the obligation to comply with legal requirements that do not allow for this in Domestic Violence classes. This is not negotiable.

•Do Not Be Late. Virtual meetings make it obvious when colleagues show up late, wasting the time of those who log in promptly.

•Turn on your Camera.

•Position the camera appropriately.

•Control background noise to the best of your ability.

•Mute your microphone. It is important to mute your microphone when you are not actively speaking.

•Sit Still and Sit Up. Moving the camera around, laying down, or walking back and forth is a distraction to all including yourself. Please leave the blankets for bedtime.

•No Multitasking / No Distractions. It is an interruption to your learning and the same for all others on camera. 

• Absolutely No TV’s on in the background.

•No Eating. Please plan your meals & other responsibilities the same way you would if you were physically going to class.

•No Smoking / No Vaping. Our view and your attention are literally clouded by this. Please plan accordingly so that this does not have to interrupt the class.

•Be an active listener. Your participation is observed and noted. However, a lot can be learned by giving others the opportunity to share their experiences or feelings as well.

•Get Good at Interrupting. Participation is required and beneficial for all attendees. However, please make sure your participation is towards the instructor and not other clients. Our views may be different and that must always be respected. If your comment is not constructive or uplifting, please reserve it. Criticism will not be tolerated.



Monday - Friday  9am - 5pm PST

Classroom Rules

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