Choices Life Management Services - Hermosa Beach, Lawndale, Torrance and Santa Monica.

Crypto currency investment classes and seminars.

These classes are for people who have no experience with purchasing crypto currency assets like Bitcoin, Eutherium or Ripple, If you have already purchased these coins you are probably more advanced and may not get enough to make the class worth your while, more than 99% of the worlds population knows nothing about this emerging asset class, our all day seminar is held in the city of Hermosa Beach once per month at the cost of $315.00 (Lunch is provided) in this seminar you will get a fundamental understanding of the history and what Crypto currencies are, what they are currently used for and what will be their usecase in the future.

You will learn the potential for profit from owening these coins, how to identify promising projects and how to set up your portfolio.

We also offer these on a one on one basis private sessions at a cost of $150.00 per hour (minimum 2 hours)

If you need more information or to register please call (310) 766-4958

Schedule of upcoming seminars.

Saturday August 17th 2019
Quality inn Hotel.
3rd Floor Meeting room (free parking)
901 N. Aviation Bl.
Hermosa Beach, Ca. 90254
8am ----- 4pm.


These classes are in no way to be taken as investment advise all investments are risky we simply walk you through the process on how you may become personally invested in crypto assets, this is for educational purposes only no party connected with Choices life Mangement Services will ever offer to invest for you or advise you to invest in any asset, we are not financial advisors only educators.

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